Upload System (PHP)

An application for sharing files between users. Each user can upload their own files and view/download files uploaded by other users.

ToDo List (Laravel)

A multi-user application designed with Laravel, in which each user can upload their reminders and then mark them as complete, edit and delete them.

Userstatistics Block (Moodle)

Α Moodle plugin that views statistics about user login time and logout time and the total user time in platform.

Weather Widget (JavaScript)

An application that submits Ajax requests to Openweather. It presents the weather conditions of any city it may be asked for.

Hangman (PHP)

The classic game “Hangman” in PHP version.

JavaScript Quiz (JavaScript-Express.js)

A multiple choice quiz application. The application runs on a server created with Express.js.

Website (HTML – CSS – JavaScript – Express.js)

Group project. I participated in this project together with Giannis Baltas and Konstantinos Poulopoulos. My role was to assist in the initial organization of the project, in the structure and connection of the files and folders of the code, in the backend part of the contact form and in the hosting of the website.